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Second Home Insurance

Second Home Insurance

If you own a second home, whether a cabin in the woods or a tropical beach house, it should have the same insurance protection as your primary residence. In fact, many second homes need even more coverage because they are at risk of weather-related damage or may remain vacant for much of the year, making them susceptible to frozen pipes, animal infestations, or break ins. 

In this instance a second home insurance policy is the right solution. Like a regular homeowner policy, this type of insurance covers the structure and everything inside it in the event of fire, storm damage, vandalism, and theft. If your second home is in a high risk area for hurricanes or earthquakes, you may need another policy to cover those contingencies. 

When talking to an insurance agent about a policy for your second home, they will ask questions like: 

  • How often are you in the home?
  • Where is the home located?
  • What type of home is it: apartment, condo, cottage, house, etc.?
  • Has your home sustained storm damage in the past?
  • Is your home at increased risk of wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, or earthquakes? 
  • Do you ever rent the home out or use it for Airbnb?
  • What kind of belongings remain in the home, like furnishings, appliances, and personal items?
  • Do you have vehicles or watercraft at this home, like golf carts or motor boats?
  • Is your second home on the water?
  • Does the home have a swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Is there security present or a groundskeeper on the property regularly?
  • Is the home in a complex or part of an HOA?
  • Do you have a security system installed?
  • Have you filed previous insurance claims for the property?

While you can’t insure your second home on the same policy as your primary home, you may be able to package two policies together for greater convenience and possible cost savings. You might also be able to bundle in vehicle or boat coverage.

You should consider not just insuring whatever property is present at your second home but also covering yourself for liability. For example, if local kids get hurt while clowning around and using your swimming pool in your absence, you could be held responsible. 

If you rent out your second home, even occasionally, you may want to get a vacation rental property insurance policy for added coverage. That way, if someone is injured on your property, if someone damages the property, or if anything is stolen, you are covered. 

All of these options can be discussed with our agents at Canyon Pacific Insurance Services by calling 760-324-4100 today. We’ll set you up with the right second home policy for your situation, so you can relax knowing you’ve got the coverage to protect your property and your personal assets from liability. Don’t wait until you have a problem--reach out now and get the peace of mind you deserve today.