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Vacation Rental Insurance

Vacation Rental Insurance

Do you own a property that you rent out to short-term vacationers? Are you an Airbnb or Vrbo owner? You may want to replace or supplement your homeowner insurance policy with a vacation rental insurance policy that covers both personal and commercial use of your property. 

With the rise of people making income from their vacation rentals, this is a wise move. If your vacation or short-term rental is a significant source of income for you, what would you do if your property were damaged, or if a renter filed a suit against you? 

A vacation rental insurance property can cover single-occupant homes, cottages, duplexes, condos, apartments, and guest houses. This type of policy covers not just the structure itself but its contents, such as furnishings, appliances, and decor in the event of damage or theft.

You can tailor your vacation rental insurance policy to cover things like: 

  • General liability
  • Personal injury
  • Pet damage
  • Damage to amenities like swimming pools, hot tubs, and bicycles
  • Assault or molestation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Sewer or drain damage
  • Bed bugs
  • Lost revenue

Not every tenant will take the same loving care of your property as you do. And accidents can happen. A tenant could forget a pot on the stove and start a kitchen fire. A renter’s child could draw on the wall. Guests can get out of hand after drinking liquor and damage your hot tub or ruin your furniture. 

You might even be the victim of theft or crimes committed on your property. Sadly, bed bugs are also a concern for many vacation property owners and Airbnb or Vrbo participants. 

Your vacation rental insurance policy is like a combination of a homeowner policy and a business policy to protect your property and keep your source of income viable. If there are damages, you can get back into business quickly, or you may receive coverage for lost revenue. In the event of a lawsuit against you, your personal assets are protected. 

Contact Canyon Pacific Insurance Services today to learn more about building a vacation rental insurance policy that’s perfect for your unique situation. Our agents are standing by at 760-324-4100 to give you the peace of mind you need as a vacation property owner.