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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Are vehicles a part of your business operations? Perhaps you have a fleet of delivery vans, or your employees make sales calls using company cars. Are you adequately protected if someone in your business has an accident, or if one of your vehicles were damaged or stolen?

Commercial auto insurance can cover your business’s vehicles, whether you use trucks, cars, vans, or certain other types of motorized equipment. If something happens to one or more of your vehicles, your business won’t grind to a halt, and you can minimize any lost revenue. A commercial auto insurance policy can get you back on the road quickly when you need repairs or even cover the replacement of vital business vehicles. 

Furthermore, a commercial auto insurance policy covers your business for bodily injury liability, property damage, medical expenses, and personal injury, so your business won’t go under in the event of a serious accident. 

Do your employees use their personal vehicles for business purposes? Do they rent or lease vehicles to use while conducting business. A hired/non-owned auto liability policy may be what you need. This provides business insurance coverage for many types of liabilities arising from the use of a rented or non business-owned vehicle for business purposes. This type of coverage is typically added onto a business auto policy for extra protection. 

Are you using your personal vehicle for work? More and more, this is a standard situation, whether you’re a small construction contractor, a part-time pizza delivery person, or a salesperson whose company does not provide fleet vehicles. 

However, your private auto insurance policy may not cover damage and liability if you are using your own car or truck for work. What would happen to you or your family if your own vehicle were involved in an accident while you were making a delivery or meeting with a client? You might not be able to pay for repairs to damages, or your personal assets could be attacked in a lawsuit. Adding a business auto policy may be right for you to afford you the coverage you need just in case.

Call Canyon Pacific Insurance Services today at 760-324-4100 to talk about a business auto insurance policy that’s perfect for you. You can hit the road knowing you have the right coverage in case of an unfortunate incident, and your business will be adequately protected from revenue losses and lawsuits.